Rainer "Max" Lingk was born 1960 in Berlin. He studied Music and Philosophy. His Curriculum Vitae as a composer
and producer includes i.a.. the CDs of the Berlin based instrumental Band "Die Haut", who co-operated with singers like
Alan Vega (Suicide), Alexander Hacke (Einstüerzende Neubauten), Arto Lindsay (DNA), Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende
Neubauten), Debbie Harry (Blondie), Jeffrey Lee Pierce (The Gun Club), Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps), Kim Gordon
(Sonic Youth), Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus & The Jerks) and Nick Cave (Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds). He composed
Motion Soundtracks and TV Scores for the directors Tom Dicillo, Edzard Onneken, Marcel Gisler, Berno Kürten, Martin
Walz, Oskar Roehler, Oliver Voss and Hermine Huntgeburth, including several sequences of the popular German Crime
Series "Tatort".
The artist collaborates with the English writer Anthony Simmons, the American classical composer Gordon Sherwood
and "Asian underground" DJ Minsky in several different music projects. As author, director and composer he is
preparing the film project "Kawthoolei - land of flowers", which will depict a very personal inside view on the collision of
tradition and modern times in the culture of the Karen, an ethnic nationality living in the remote border mountains
between Burma and Thailand. The Karen, like the other ethnic nationalities living in Burma, are facing genocide.
The extremely xenophobic military dictatorship SPDC (State Peace and Development Council) fuels a 53 years old civil
conflict against it's own population, in which severe Human Rights abuses are being used as weapons of war.
This about will be the pirate radio broadcast "Radio Free Burma" the artist is working on presently for the WDR
(West Deutscher Rundfunk).