Kawthoolei - Land of Flowers 3

Like two sides of the same coin, reality reveals itself on their hike through Kawthoolei. On one side they encounter
elephants and gibbons set against a backdrop of majestic limestone outcroppings in virgin wilderness. On the other
side giant bulldozers devour their way through the jungle and they face suffering and war wherever they go. A similar
ambiguity is revealed when they meet poachers in the forest, who at first threaten to shoot Anavaj, To, Max and A Chong
indiscriminately, but who then provide information about how to find Phu yai Weng in a bizarre and totally unexpected way.

The film ends with a party. Anavaj finds his stepfather Phu yai Weng in safety in a village on the "Thai side". Phu yai Weng
is in high spirits, though slightly drawn with age. Spellbound from the charismatic legend, A Chong decides to stay and
look after the old man and learn from his experiences. With this settled, Anavaj knows Phu yai Weng in good hands
and that his fatherÍs valuable knowledge about Karen culture and the environment in Kawthoolei wonÍt be lost forever.
To and Max have quite a story and more importantly found a spiritual family in the community of the Karen nation
- they get adopted to be Karen by no less a person than the legendary Phu yai Weng himself.

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