Kawthoolei - Land of Flowers 2

Anavaj, To and Max search the refugee camps on the Thai side of the border into which Hundred Thousands of Karen are
fleeing to evade the purposeful Human Rights abuses by the generals in Rangoon. At the same time, continuing drought
fuels vast forest-fires lit by ruthless poachers that are being deliberately ignored by corrupt forest officials, reckons Max.
Crossing into Burma they encounter internally displaced Karen hiding in the jungle and trying to survive after the Burmese
troops looted and burned their villages. Large-scale logging operations devastate the sensitive ecological balance in the
mountains. The deeper they advance into Kawthoolei and face its merciless reality, the more Anavaj and Max slip into a
state of nervous mental emergency, which results in vigorous discussions about their distinct cultural perceptions.

The conflict between Max' western and Anavaj's eastern perspectives serves the film's inner plot and leads finally
to the clash: they split up in the deepest jungle at the dead of night over an argument. After this intense experience,
Anavaj and Max go through a process of realisation, which makes them stick together even stronger.

In a particularly remote Karen village named Lae Tong Ku their inquiries about Phu yai Weng prove fruitless once again.
Instead they discover a miraculous Shangri-La. Lae Tong Ku is inhabited by the Talarku, also known as Loe-si, an
isolationist Karen sect, who worships a reincarnated man-god living amongst them in the forest. Called the Phu Chaik,
this ascetic sage is said to be endowed with supernatural powers. Fascinated Anavaj, To and Max stay and make
friends with A Chong, a young Karen from the village. He believes he knows a way to Phu yai Weng' s hiding place.
But soon that trace also seems to vanish in the endless green of the deep jungle.

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